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Samsung selects Sensory as Key Source for Embedded Speech Technologies
Sensory Wins Prestigious 2014 Global Mobile Award at GSMA Mobile World Congress"

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"Samsung has selected to use embedded speech control technology from US firm Sensory in its Galaxy smartphones, tablets and wearables."

"Of particular interest is the fact that TrulySecure is an on-device biometric identification system that does not rely on a connection to the cloud. Many users prefer this approach because they do not wish for their biometric data to be replicated and stored outside of their personal devices."
- Max Maxfield, EE Times

"Sensory is a company that's been around the block now, and has been developing speech and speaker recognition for some time."
- Adam Vrankulj,

"What a BRIGHT idea! Turn your lights on or off by speaking."
- Gizmodo Reviews, on the VOCCA light adapter which uses Sensory technology

"Sensory's TrulyHandsfree voice control offers high accuracy command set capabilities, eliminating the need for close talking mics, quiet rooms, or completely accurate speech commands. Samsung mobile and wearable devices use this voice technology to answer calls, activate the camera, or perform other functions, as well as the voice trigger for S-Voice."

"Speech recognition company Sensory is expanding into the computer vision space with a new smartphone security client that uses both voice and face recognition to lock down your phone."
- Kevin Fitchard, Gigaom

"TrulySecure works by watching and listening as you repeat a passphrase a couple times. The system tracks the way your lips move and registers the unique attributes of your voice."
- Josh Ong, The Next Web

"Sensory is continuing to exhibit leadership in handsfree control by allowing a secure multimodal biometric that doesn’t require touching devices to make them work"
- Dan Miller, Opus Research

"What Sensory does is the trick that lets you wake up the phone from a sleeping state."
- Pete Pachal, mashable

"With touchless control, Motorola and Google upped the ante"
- Eric Mack, cnet

"As the Moto X and Moto Droid Ultra phones show...there's real Google innovation going on when it comes to turning a smartphone into a hands-free personal assistant."
- Kevin C. Tofel, gigaom

"Always-On Voice Control as Top Killer Feature of KitKat Device?"
- Erik Pineda, International Business Times, Australia

"Speaking of cool sensors, one of the Moto X's killer features is its Touchless Control…"
- Will Shanklin, gizmag

"S-Voice Drive brings one very strong advantage to the table: it doesn't require any physical input from the driver, while Siri requires tapping or holding a button to activate."
-Antuan Goodwin, CNET

"All Eyes Are on Moto X, Thanks to Touchless Control "
-Michelle Maisto, eWEEK

"To activate voice control on this thermostat, you simply say, "Hello, thermostat." You can be anywhere in your house -- provided it's no more than 25 feet away -- and the far-field voice-control tech takes care of the rest."
-C/NET Editors Take

"The Moto X is the first smartphone to include an "always-on/listening" or "open-mic" front end... trained to listen for magic commands from the owner's voice to activate Google Now interactions"
-Kevin Gomez,
Electronics news

"It will only respond once you utter "hello, thermostat," regardless of accent, so it won't turn on the A/C whenever you play Nelly's "Hot in Herre"

"Touchless the most useful feature [on Moto X]"
-David Pogue, NY Times

"I … found (touchless control) to be a useful tool and much easier to use than voice assistants such as Apple's Siri or Samsung's S Voice, both of which require you to press a button first."
-Salvador Rodriguez,
Los Angeles Times

"The (Google Glass) voice recognition worked flawlessly... "
-Mark Wilson, STUFF

MotoX is "a fantastic phone with many great features. My favorite is Touchless Control… Ask it the weather, to call a friend or do a Google search, and it'll just do it, and you never have to touch the phone."
-Pete Pachal, mashable

"Could the future of Glass and wearables be hidden in
Moto X?"

-Scott Stein, CNET

"The intuitive [BlueGenie] voice a simple yet effective hands-free solution."

"I asked three colleagues to say "OK, Google Now" into a (Moto X) phone I trained. They repeated the phrase three times, and the phone ignored them. It responded to my voice instantly. Sorry, pranksters: You won't be able to use this feature to set 3am alarms on your friend's
Moto X."

-Associated Press, New York
The Guardian

"The best thing about the BlueGenie interface is how well it works. The voice recognition is surprisingly smooth and effective ...I can’t recommend it enough."

"Motorola's latest phone has always-on voice connectivity, much like Google Glass. Maybe it's a hint at where Google's connected future is really heading."
-Scott Stein, CNET

“The signature [BlueGenie] voice-activated technology makes it easy to leave your eyes where they should be…on the road.”

"Taking a leaf out of Google Glass' book, Motorola hopes that Moto X owners will get into the habit of talking to their phone more frequently"
-Vincent Nguyen,

"Moto X (is) always listening for its owner's voice. When it hears the phrase, "Ok, Google Now..." followed by a command like "call Bob," it will wake up from standby and execute the command."
-Peter Svensson, AP
San Jose Mercury News

"The Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth has near-perfect hardware and voice controls. "

"Without ever taking your eyes off the road, you can say, "O.K., Google Now. Give me directions to the Empire State Building."
-David Pogue, NY Times

"The Glass' speech recognition is local - so it's CRAZY fast even compared to the droid - which is still pretty darn fast - but more importantly - EXTREMELY accurate."

"The coolest feature of the Q1 is the voice control technology."

"OK Google Now, call my Droid" will do just that!"
-Ben Gilbert, engadget

“The Bottom Line: The BlueAnt S4 delivers good call quality and, with its voice trigger system, increased vehicle safety.”

"We had surprisingly solid results with the system. It managed to recognize us even with the Moto X several feet away"
-Vincent Nguyen

"BlueGenie is...a fantastic voice interface system that never revealed any hiccups during our testing."

"The [Google Glass] voice recognition is remarkably good - so its easy to respond to texts and emails."
-Steven Rosenbaum, Forbes

"Voice commands have made life a lot easier...the voice command on the Q1 made me grin and say "cool" several times."

"The defining feature of the Moto X is it’s a virtual ear, always straining to hear its owner’s voice say three magic words that will rouse it to action: “Okay, Google Now.” "
-Steven Levy, WIRED

"[BlueGenie is]...a voice user interface that is a snap to use...especially useful in areas with hands-free calling laws."

"What executives hope makes the Moto X stand out is its voice command capabilities — like continually listening for a user’s voice and quickly reacting to commands."
- BRIAN X. CHEN, The NY Times

"'s a pretty neat trick... The [BlueAnt] Q1 understood me 98 percent of the time."

"Motorola designed this shared custom chipset with an eye on battery life -- specifically, its ability to handle tasks like Touchless Control (triggered by saying "OK Google Now")"

“The speech recognition [on the S4] is very good; you don't necessarily need to enunciate perfectly, as long as you say the right commands (or come close).”

"The phone [Moto X] has all the standard features expected of today’s top smartphone, with a twist: the ability to control the phone by talking to it, without lifting a finger. "
-The New York Times

“The feature that really makes this headset stand out from the rest is it’s voice user interface… My Jawbone is now collecting dust as the BlueAnt V1 is now my new daily driver.”
-the iPhone Blog

"The touchless [Moto X] control works similarly to Google Glass, without having to touch the phone your phone can listen to you. "
-abc News

"What’s revolutionary about the BlueAnt V1 is the BlueGenie voice control engine. Nothing else on the market can come close to’s the voice control that eventually gives the V1 the edge."

"Apple likes to talk about the "magic" of its products, but this feature is the most magical thing I've seen in mobile in a long time With your phone sitting on the table, you can utter the words "OK, Google Now," and it immediately comes alive, listening for voice commands."
-Pete Pachal, mashable

"Unlike Siri, you don't hold down a button to speak. The phone [Moto X] is always listening, even when it's in your car's cup holder."
-David Pogue, NY Times

"The best part is that the clock is always listening; you don’t have to touch a button first. From up to 10 feet away, you say “Hello, Ivee” to get her attention...her recognition accuracy is 100 percent, the commands are logical. "
-New York Times

"The [MotoX] phone recognized my command from about 10ft away, as well as with an episode of The Walking Dead playing at full blast, inches away. But under those conditions, the service was more prone to make mistakes."
-Associated Press, New York
The Guardian

"...[The Q1] is a sharp little headset with an impressive voice-controlled user interface."

"BlueTrek advanced Bluetooth products feature voice control and voice prompts... with near-perfect voice recognition even above 90dB background noise."

"The most unusual feature of the Moto X, apart from the customization option, is that it's always listening for its owner's voice."

"I really like the BlueAnt Q1 and can recommend it to anyone that is looking for a nice hands-free solution."
-Mobility Today

"The voice-response system, called BlueGenie is surprisingly accurate for such a small device. It's better than the voice system in my Blackberry phone."
-US News and World Report

"BlueAnt has added a substantially impressive new voice prompt and recognition feature called BlueGenie."

"The smooth voice recognition lends [the Q1] an ease of use that’s hard to beat."
-Digital Trends

"[BlueGenie is] an intuitive voice control system...the finest voice recognition user interface we've seen."
-Good Gear Guide

Sensory named to Top 5 Trends to Watch at CTIA Wireless
-Laptop Magazine

"It was another of the 'living in the future' moments that I had at this year's CTIA, and it's exciting to see what Sensory is doing in the consumer products market. We'll be watch the company closely."
-The Next Web

"The speaker-verification technology can be paired with the company's [Sensory's] new speaker-identification technology, which uses a person's voice to call up a specific user's preferences and settings..."

"Voice activation is the last piece of the speech recognition puzzle needed to deliver a 100 percent hands free device experience. Sensory's TrulyHandsfree solution is the leader in bringing this capability to iconic mobile devices... such as the Samsung..."
-Michael Morgan, mobile devices senior analyst with ABI Research

"By building speaker identification into its TrulyHandsfree word-spotting tool Sensory has enabled automatic, user-specific personalization..."
-Judith Markowitz, president and founder of J. Markowitz Consultants

"While tools like Siri let you control aspects of your phone with your voice, you still need your hands to actually unlock the device - but speech technology company Sensory is looking to change that."
-The Verge

"Sensory is trying to revolutionize voice and speech recognition by creating TrulyHandsfree, which looks to evolve our interactions with our smart devices."
-Talk Android

"It may not seem like much, but that little detail of getting the phone to wake up via a voice command - which Sensory calls "TrulyHandsfree" - is one of the trickiest"

“The latest version of Sensory’s "TrulyHandsfree" technology marks some radical leaps forward for embedded speech processing resources and secure device activation...”
-Opus Research

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